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Welcome to the Website on Civil Defence.

The web service of the National Civil Defence focus for the most part on informational and educational function in the said scope.

Information on operations of the Polish Civil Defence, as well as sections dedicated to civil protection, global civil defence and cooperation between states in the scope of civil protection, crisis management and civil emergency planning within the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty are to be found here. We aim at ensuring all the interested persons an access to the basic legal and content-related issues concerning civil protection and civil defence as well as providing up-to-date information on the most important events and changes in this area. web service shall at the same time constitute a medium to provide the society with indispensable knowledge on common self-defence principles and attitudes in case of particular threats, as well as information on educational programs in the area of civil protection, operations of the social rescue organizations, non-governmental organizations and others.

We would like to encourage you to take advantage of the web service editing opportunity. We hope that the Civil Defence Forum shall become a place of heated discussions on the reform and directions of changes in widely-understood civil protection and defence. We would like to encourage you to add new content to the history of civil defence section.

We hope that this web service shall meet your expectations. We would be grateful for any comments and remarks of users on content and functionality of the website